Homo Sapiens (2016): The Ephemerality of all Humankind

Homo Sapiens is a film where the titular characters are made all the more conspicuous by their absence, their physical reality not seen but felt nevertheless, like addressing the gigantic elephant (not) in the room. The closest we ever come to anthropomorphic presence is in a chamber filled with bottled jars preserving human and animal organs…

Century of Smoke (2019): Illuminating the Murky World of Opium Addiction

Century of Smoke opens with an image that immediately exposes its subject, and underscores its primary aims ― a man preparing his bowl of opium beside the fire, gently stoking the flames before inhaling the fumes, as the room gets gradually covered by a thick blanket of smoke. Sleeping beside Continue Reading

The Halt (2019) Review – Minimalist Sci-Fi Meets Dark Dystopian Fantasy

The year is 2034 and the Philippines is completely shrouded by darkness. This isn’t any new unfamiliar malady for the country ― metaphorically speaking ― having been subject to nearly 400 years of colonial exploitation, only to be followed by tyrannical regimes of dictators like Ferdinand Marcos ravaging the people Continue Reading