The Halt (2019) Review – Minimalist Sci-Fi Meets Dark Dystopian Fantasy

The year is 2034 and the Philippines is completely shrouded by darkness. This isn’t any new unfamiliar malady for the country ― metaphorically speaking ― having been subject to nearly 400 years of colonial exploitation, only to be followed by tyrannical regimes of dictators like Ferdinand Marcos ravaging the people Continue Reading

The Expanse – The Best Sci-Fi Show That You’re Not Watching

It is very hard to summarize three seasons of a show into one article that is small enough that people would be interested to read it. But in an attempt to make people aware of the brilliance that is The Expanse, I am going to give it a shot. In Continue Reading

Annihilation (2018) Review – A Wild, Trippy Sci-Fi Ride into the Shimmer

  Coming straight to Netflix for the international audience, the first thought after watching Alex Garland’s Annihilation is the regret of not watching it in the theatre. This is, of course, after you have been consumed by the exhilarating soundtrack and are shaken by the terrifying plot. After Ex Machina, Continue Reading

Downsizing (2017) Review — A Satirical Comedy Daring To Aim High

A lot of American films over the past 12-18 months can be read as an indictment of Donald Trump’s presidency and the cultural climate it has created stateside. None, however, goes as straight for the jugular of Trumpian ideology as Alexander Payne’s Downsizing. The premise, cinematically, is nothing new and Continue Reading

Counterpart S01E04 “Both Sides Now” Review — Switching Things Up

I wrote last week as to how S01E03 showed languish in narrative development almost all through the episode, slowly but surely knitting together pieces, only to turn up the heat towards the very end with a quick succession of events that get things back on track and promise exciting days ahead. Continue Reading

Counterpart S01E03 “The Lost Art of Diplomacy” Review — Raising The Stakes

Episode 3 of Counterpart builds from where the last episode left off as our characters find themselves in a very tricky situation due to Baldwin, a ‘crosser’, being arrested by the local police. Awkward confrontations arise on all sides as the governments of the two worlds try to strike a Continue Reading

Counterpart S01E01 “The Crossing” Review — An Intriguing Start

Parallel universes. Multiple identities. Bizarre paradoxes that might result from a person meeting his ‘twin’ from a parallel world. These are concepts and theories from the realms of science and science-fiction, almost as old as the genre itself, all explored and recycled and nearly done to death by the film Continue Reading

Black Mirror S04E05 : Metalhead Review – An impactful but underwhelming episode

In my review for USS Callister, I had said that two episodes in the trailer launch caught my eye. One was USS Callister, another was Metalhead because of the fact that they were so experimental. Metalhead has a dystopian setting and is the first Black Mirror episode shot entirely in Continue Reading

Black Mirror S04E04 : “Hang the DJ” Review – A Playlist of relationships!

  A playlist of relationships. Sounds crazy? The fourth episode of Black Mirror Season 4 – Hang the DJ – takes the concept and spins a great thread around it. Starring Georgina Campbell and Joe Cole in the lead roles, this episode is the most optimistic and arguably the best Continue Reading

Black Mirror S04E01 : USS Callister Review – Charlie Brooker’s version of Star Trek

Charlie Brooker’s universally acclaimed Netflix series returned for a fourth season on Netflix this December 29th to fill us with existential dread just before the new year. The Projection Room will review all six episodes from the season, starting today with the first episode USS Callister, publishing a review for Continue Reading