A Separation (2011) Review ― A Tense and Minimalist Masterpiece from Farhadi

Two adults wage marital war and it is the lives of other people that get caught in the crossfire. Such is the premise of this Asghar Farhadi film, titled A Separation, which is perhaps this extraordinary director’s crowning achievement in a career filled with cinematic gems. Once again Farhadi proves Continue Reading

Counterpart S01E04 “Both Sides Now” Review — Switching Things Up

I wrote last week as to how S01E03 showed languish in narrative development almost all through the episode, slowly but surely knitting together pieces, only to turn up the heat towards the very end with a quick succession of events that get things back on track and promise exciting days ahead. Continue Reading

Darkest Hour (2017) Review : Gary Oldman shines in a well made period drama

Joe Wright’s Darkest Hour works as a perfect companion to Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. So much so, that ever since I saw the film, I want a combined version of Darkest Hour and Dunkirk with footage from both films placed perfectly to go with each other. I don’t know about you, Continue Reading

Counterpart S01E03 “The Lost Art of Diplomacy” Review — Raising The Stakes

Episode 3 of Counterpart builds from where the last episode left off as our characters find themselves in a very tricky situation due to Baldwin, a ‘crosser’, being arrested by the local police. Awkward confrontations arise on all sides as the governments of the two worlds try to strike a Continue Reading

Phantom Thread (2017) Review ― A Gorgeously Stitched Tale Of Passion And Compromise

Within the first half-hour of Phantom Thread, the prominent dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis) is asked by his new muse Alma (Vicky Krieps) the reason why he isn’t married. To which he replies matter-of-factly “I make dresses” as if that’s all the information one could need to understand his marital Continue Reading

Counterpart S01E01 “The Crossing” Review — An Intriguing Start

Parallel universes. Multiple identities. Bizarre paradoxes that might result from a person meeting his ‘twin’ from a parallel world. These are concepts and theories from the realms of science and science-fiction, almost as old as the genre itself, all explored and recycled and nearly done to death by the film Continue Reading