Working Woman (2018) ‘TIFF’ Review – A Topical Story of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Michal Aviad’s Working Woman tells a story that has been told quite a few times before but is still quite relevant and topical. It is the story of a working woman, as said in the title of the film, a woman who’s trying to support her aspiring husband and her Continue Reading

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) Review: Wes Anderson displays his new found sentimental side

In his idiosyncratic work, Wes Anderson treats his audience to a wonderful quasi-reality were meticulous attention to detail is paramount. In the past, his obsession with even the minor details in his film has impacted slightly negatively on other more overbearing elements like characterisation and even plot, most notably in Continue Reading

The Projection Room’s Oscar Predictions 2018 — Who Will Win?

It is that time of the year again. When the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honours the best achievements made in the film industry the past year with the prestigious Oscar award. 2017 has been particularly impressive regarding the huge number of excellent films it has produced, ensuring Continue Reading