Fire Will Come (2019) Review – Fiery Visuals Fuel A Slow-Burn Narrative

Winner of the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize at Cannes, Oliver Laxe’s Fire Will Come ―set in rural Galicia ― is a quiet rumination on mankind’s place within the vast, untamed lap of nature. Through a minimalistic plot and restrained performances, it examines the symbiotic relationship between the human and Continue Reading

Saaho (2019) Review – When Twists Turn Into Contortions

Indian mainstream cinema has become synonymous with  escapism, to the point that we never go in to the theaters expecting the egress to a subjectively more intellectual art form. While musical numbers and over the top action sequences rarely detract the intelligence of the Indian audience, their misuse and abuse Continue Reading

Krabi, 2562 (2019) Review – A Heartfelt Spiritual Snapshot of a Community

Made by the collaborative duo of experimental slow cinema auteur Ben Rivers and noted Thai indie director Anocha Suwichakornpong, the mellow and meditative Krabi, 2562 provides a geographical and spiritual snapshot of its eponymous coastal town. Krabi has become a major tourist attraction in recent years, partly due to its Continue Reading

The Halt (2019) Review – Minimalist Sci-Fi Meets Dark Dystopian Fantasy

The year is 2034 and the Philippines is completely shrouded by darkness. This isn’t any new unfamiliar malady for the country ― metaphorically speaking ― having been subject to nearly 400 years of colonial exploitation, only to be followed by tyrannical regimes of dictators like Ferdinand Marcos ravaging the people Continue Reading

Synonyms (2019) Review – An Idiosyncratic Portrayal of Identity Crisis

As engrossing as it is chaotic, as devastatingly tragic as it is hilariously witty, Nadav Lapid’s latest film Synonyms is a sharp and incisive portrayal of a man shedding his former skin and trying to don another from a foreign land of his fantasy, one that he struggles to comfortably Continue Reading

The Image Book (2018) – Godard Wages War On The Cinematic Image

“When a century slowly dissolves into the next century, some people transform means of survival into new means It’s the latter that we call art” ― JLG If the ‘image’ be considered the “means of survival”―survival of information, survival of culture, survival of the very memory of the human race―then Continue Reading

Giant Little Ones (2018) Film Review: Growing Up and Growing Apart

Adolescence is an awkward and difficult time. Most often we underestimate what teenagers are going through because we are more than happy to forget our own struggles at that age. Everyone faces different challenges growing up. The Canadian production ‘Giant Little Ones’ tries to bring this to the fore. It Continue Reading

Soni (2018) Film Review — Gritty Police Procedural With A Feminist Core

In the midst of a large number of recent films dealing with women’s safety and equality issues, Soni feels like a rare breath of fresh air with its uncompromising honesty and maturity in its portrayal of both the victims and the perpetrators. Like its titular character, a young policewoman in Continue Reading

Roma (2018) Review – A film that makes you fall short of adjectives

Alfonso Cuaron faced many a hurdle in the process of making Roma. From no studio taking the risk of funding a Mexican black and white movie to his friend and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki being unavailable to shoot the film, he faced his fair share of difficulties. But Roma is not Continue Reading