Netflix’s GHOUL (2018) Review: Setting Milestones For India

Let me just start with how happy I am that India has finally started bringing such great shows to Netflix. Well, Love Per Square Foot was obviously a big miss, but I loved Lust Stories and Sacred Games. However, Ghoul is my absolute favourite today. It is short, it is Continue Reading

Sacred Games Review – Netflix makes a grand entry in the Indian Scene

We were all excited when Netflix announced Sacred Games as their first Indian original show. It is based on Vikram Chandra’s critically acclaimed novel of the same name, and when we came to know about the casting and directors it made us even more excited. I was particularly eager to Continue Reading

Freaks and Geeks : A One of a Kind One Season Wonder

Growing up, we have all watched different sitcoms or serials which we loved more because of how relatable it was to us or how we wanted our lives to exist in the serial’s world, rather than the content. I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S. because I love the idea of six best friends Continue Reading

Jessica Jones (Season 2) Review: The Return Of The Damaged Goddess

If you say with great power, comes great responsibility, I swear I will throw up on you. Marvel’s Jessica Jones is one of Netflix’s finest shows. After a very intense first season, Netflix returned with the season 2 on this Women’s Day. This Jessica has been reoriented and reinterpreted for Continue Reading

Counterpart S01E04 “Both Sides Now” Review — Switching Things Up

I wrote last week as to how S01E03 showed languish in narrative development almost all through the episode, slowly but surely knitting together pieces, only to turn up the heat towards the very end with a quick succession of events that get things back on track and promise exciting days ahead. Continue Reading

Counterpart S01E03 “The Lost Art of Diplomacy” Review — Raising The Stakes

Episode 3 of Counterpart builds from where the last episode left off as our characters find themselves in a very tricky situation due to Baldwin, a ‘crosser’, being arrested by the local police. Awkward confrontations arise on all sides as the governments of the two worlds try to strike a Continue Reading

The Crown (Season 1 & 2) Review ― Celebrates Matriarchy At Its Best

The Crown is a historical drama series based on true events. The show is a biographical take on the personal life and the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Her relationship with her closed ones, specially her parents King George VI and Queen Mother Elizabeth, her younger Continue Reading

Counterpart S01E02 “Birds Of A Feather” Review — Uncovering Secrets

Counterpart returns after a very interesting pilot to further the events that unfolded the previous week, after our introduction to this bizarre world and its many possibilities. Still going the slow-burn route, the narrative develops significantly ― exploring the central conflict in greater detail and establishing existing character roles firmly Continue Reading

Counterpart S01E01 “The Crossing” Review — An Intriguing Start

Parallel universes. Multiple identities. Bizarre paradoxes that might result from a person meeting his ‘twin’ from a parallel world. These are concepts and theories from the realms of science and science-fiction, almost as old as the genre itself, all explored and recycled and nearly done to death by the film Continue Reading

The End of the F***ing World: A Tale of Love, Crime and Breaking Shackles

This was a few weeks back. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, when I stumbled across the trailer of Netflix’s new – The End of the F***ing World. It was to be based on the comic series The End of the Fucking World by Charles S. Forsman. The premise was definitely Continue Reading