The Leftovers – Damon Lindelof’s masterpiece is a must watch for the current times

“We all basically live in a world that we define by the people who have disappeared.” We live in very strange times now. Millions of people are contracting a deadly virus that we have no cure for, as of yet. Hundreds of thousands are dead and no one knows when Continue Reading

Sivapuranam [The Strange Case of Shiva] (2015): The Voyeur’s Gaze

Sivapuranam opens with a film projector, its light steadily intensifying until it becomes blindingly bright and a cut rescues us from vision impairment. It is a significant opening shot that establishes a central recurring object and, through the shaft of projected light emanating from the aperture, mirrors a key theme permeating the rest of the film: the gaze (the ‘ejaculatory force of the eye’, as Bresson called it), and the way it invades shared and personal spaces by way of fulfilling repressed desires and shaping reality.