Son-Mother (2019) Review – A Radical Reflection of Social Evils Plaguing Iran

Son-Mother is reminiscent of the humanist dramas of Jafar Panahi (who, just like Mohammadi herself, was also barred from travelling abroad and sentenced to prison for his views) and his radical critique of orthodox Iranian values and traditions, anchored by a nearly-wordless central performance from the young Mahan Nasiri, vividly reflecting the pain of having one’s fundamental rights violated and then being coerced into accepting their fate without protest.

Pompei (2019): Fractured Adolescence within a Desolate Community

A collaborative effort between Falguères and American filmmaker John Shank, Pompei is an exploration of the collective psyche of the misfit inhabitants of a remote town, a glimpse of civilization away from civilization, where conventional social norms take a backseat in favour of rebellious baser instincts and rigid communal traditions. Filmed in naturally-lit anamorphic cinemascope, with long sluggish takes capturing the dullness of the children’s day-to-day lives, it is a unique and sensual coming-of-age tale where the fleeting uncertainty of adolescence becomes a product of the sparse environment the kids grow up in.

Heimat is a Space in Time (2019) ‘TIFF’ Review – Seeking Shelter within Memory while Exorcising Ghosts of the Past

Through a series of meticulously narrated letters and diary entries ― set against gorgeous black-and-white imagery of modern-day Germany ― the film explores the uniquely-German concept of “Heimat”, which refers to everyone’s personal idea of “homeland”, something that Heise envisions here as a shelter within the memory of his family and thus, by extension, of his nation’s painful past.

The County (2019) – Engrossing Drama About A Woman’s Lone Rebellion

The County begins during winter, the harsh and cold landscapes marking the hardships they were facing, complicated by debt and guilt. As the film progresses, different hues emerge to complement Inga’s multitude of conflicting moods, while also marking the seasonal progression.

Made In Bangladesh (2019): A Worker’s Gruesome Struggle For Basic Rights

Made In Bangladesh tells the story of a 23-year-old Shimu Akhtar who works at a garment factory in Dhaka, like millions of other women. The film not only portrays the problems these women face in factories but also shows how hard their life is in general, especially the ones playing cat and mouse with poverty.

Antigone (2019) Review – Refreshingly Moving Drama On Familial Sacrifice

“Freely adapted” from Sophocles’ Greek tragedy of the same name, Antigone is a vibrant and heartbreaking account of a teenager’s self-sacrificial journey through the Canadian criminal justice system to save her family from falling apart. Banking on an extraordinary lead performance from Nahéma Ricci (and her piercing green eyes) and Continue Reading

Fire Will Come (2019) Review – Fiery Visuals Fuel A Slow-Burn Narrative

Winner of the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize at Cannes, Oliver Laxe’s Fire Will Come ―set in rural Galicia ― is a quiet rumination on mankind’s place within the vast, untamed lap of nature. Through a minimalistic plot and restrained performances, it examines the symbiotic relationship between the human and Continue Reading