Namdev Bhau (2018) ‘MAMI’ Review – Breezy Road Movie Meets Dark Comedy

Namdev Bhau is a simple man. He lives in the city of Mumbai with his wife, daughter and a mildly-delusional uncle and works as a chauffeur. At the age of 65, all he craves from life anymore is some peace and quiet – something that’s increasingly difficult to find within Continue Reading

“When you’re close to death, you laugh at its face” – An Interview with Marija Kavtaradze

Summer Survivors, directed by Marija Kavtaradze was one of the most notable films of 2018. The film was part of the line up in the “Discoveries” section of the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival this year. In an era when under-representation of mental health and lack of awareness is rampant, the film Continue Reading

Tumbbad (2018) Review – A Haunting Parable of Greed And Divine Justice

“Bhoot nahi darate, insaan darate hai” (Ghosts don’t frighten us, humans do). Or so says Rahi Anil Barve, the director of Tumbbad, in an interview about the film. And by the time the film is over and the credits have started rolling, one would be more than inclined to agree. Continue Reading

Los Silencios (2018) ‘TIFF’ review – A Supernatural Meditation through the Arms of Tragedy

Somewhere around the first quarter of Los Silencios, our protagonist Amparo finds herself inside a fishery looking for a job. Her potential boss tells her about different kinds of fishes. One particular fish, The Catfish, is mentioned to be relatively easy to catch but requires one to be fast in Continue Reading

Hotel By The River (2018) ‘TIFF’ Review – A Delicately Told Family Drama

In his latest creative venture Hotel By The River, renowned Korean director Hong Sang-Soo presents us with a simple and endearing slice-of-life that is stylistically one among his more austere works to date. Primarily set in and around a riverside hotel, it juxtaposes an awkward family meeting between a poet Continue Reading