Summer Survivors (2018) ‘TIFF’ Review – A Road Trip through the Various Facets of Mental Illness

Mental health is something rarely discussed well in cinema. Yes, there exists a lot of examples of mental illness and its effects shown in media, but very few of them manage to clearly encapsulate the trauma and pain of a patient dealing with such experiences. As a person who himself suffers Continue Reading

Teen Aur Aadha (2018): ‘PIFF’ Review — Of Stories Untold And Secrets Unguarded

Teen Aur Aadha (Three and A Half) is a film that reinvents traditional narrative structures by presenting three tales from the perspective of the walls within which they take place. The way this was achieved was by filming the entire feature using only three long takes, which means that there Continue Reading

The Third Wife (2018) ‘TIFF’ Review – A mix of visual poetry with social commentary in this gorgeous debut

Ash Mayfair’s feminist film The Third Wife is most definitely going to evoke feels of Park Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden throughout due to how tonally similar the films are. The majestic cinematography of both the films along with the concept of exploring female sexuality also evokes similar feelings. That being said, Mayfair makes Continue Reading

Too Late to Die Young (2018) ‘TIFF’ Review – An exhilaring and bold coming of age film

Dominga Sotomayor’s Too Late to Die Young shows us, more than anything, how difficult it really is to make that massive shift mentally in our teens while we are growing up. It explores the lives of a few teenagers and children and along with that also explores their psyche, trying Continue Reading

Touch Me Not (2018) ‘TIFF’ Review — On A Transformative Quest For Intimacy

One of the characters in Touch Me Not, a certain quadriplegic Christian Bayerlein, remarks how he used to feel “like a brain being carried around without any body”. That was until he discovered the pleasures of sexuality. Even with his disability, he believes that his body is a gift and Continue Reading

Working Woman (2018) ‘TIFF’ Review – A Topical Story of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Michal Aviad’s Working Woman tells a story that has been told quite a few times before but is still quite relevant and topical. It is the story of a working woman, as said in the title of the film, a woman who’s trying to support her aspiring husband and her Continue Reading

Machines (2017) Review – A Terrific Documentation of the Human Condition

  ‘Poverty is harassment sir’ says one worker. These words reveal all there is to this human condition and all there ever will be. Hell, Karl Marx couldn’t have said it better if he wanted to.  Machines And that is the very thread around which Rahul Jain has spun his Continue Reading

Diamantino (2018) ‘TIFF’ Review – The Most Unique Cinematic Experience Of The Year

When a movie begins by telling us that what we are about to see is a work of fiction, bearing only a coincidental resemblance to any real-life “people, places, products or giant puppies”, we should expect it to be a different experience than usual. Diamantino indeed turned out to be Continue Reading

Phoenix (2018) ‘TIFF’ Review — A Powerful and Moody Coming-of-Age Drama

Phoenix is a decidedly dark and mature examination of the psyche of a teenage girl, who is forced to grow up too quickly in order to keep her family together. In the process of dealing with a mentally unstable mother and a father who’s never around, the 14-year-old Jill Vogler Continue Reading

BlacKkKlansman (2018) Review – An Important Film For The Present Day

BlacKkKlansman is Spike Lee’s most straightforward narrative since 2006’s Inside Man, for which he was merely a director for hire. BlacKkKlansman is a more personal film for Lee, given his politics. However, throughout his career, Lee has never been afraid to work within the genre. The heist film, Inside Man Continue Reading