The Expanse – The Best Sci-Fi Show That You’re Not Watching

It is very hard to summarize three seasons of a show into one article that is small enough that people would be interested to read it. But in an attempt to make people aware of the brilliance that is The Expanse, I am going to give it a shot. In Continue Reading

Netflix’s GHOUL (2018) Review: Setting Milestones For India

Let me just start with how happy I am that India has finally started bringing such great shows to Netflix. Well, Love Per Square Foot was obviously a big miss, but I loved Lust Stories and Sacred Games. However, Ghoul is my absolute favourite today. It is short, it is Continue Reading

Sleep Has Her House (2017) Review ― A Transcendental Journey Through Light and Shadow

Roger Ebert once wrote that Tarkovsky’s films were “more like environments than entertainments”. He observed that the Russian filmmaker “uses length and depth to slow us down, to edge us out of the velocity of our lives, to enter a zone of reverie and meditation”. The same can be said Continue Reading