Downsizing (2017) Review — A Satirical Comedy Daring To Aim High

A lot of American films over the past 12-18 months can be read as an indictment of Donald Trump’s presidency and the cultural climate it has created stateside. None, however, goes as straight for the jugular of Trumpian ideology as Alexander Payne’s Downsizing. The premise, cinematically, is nothing new and Continue Reading

I, Tonya (2017) Review – A Factual Comedy Of Inaccurate Facts

  I, Tonya is a movie based on the life of the world famous (read: infamous) American skater Tonya Harding. Her struggle to fame and her quick downfall is the subject of this dark comedy. The movie stars Margot Robbie as Tonya and Allison Janney as LoVona Golden (Tonya’s mother). Continue Reading

The Shape Of Water (2017) Review — Poetry On Celluloid

Guillermo Del Toro’s personal masterpiece, The Shape Of Water, is a monumental achievement in creative filmmaking. As he himself says, it is “a fairy tale for troubled times”. Set during the Cold War, this fiercely imaginative, gorgeously outlandish tale of an amphibian man bonding with a mute woman also proves Continue Reading

Black Panther (2018) Spoiler-Free Review: Rise of a new kind of Marvel hero

The newest addition to the ever-growing Marvel roster is the brilliant Black Panther. With drop-dead gorgeous locations and powerful character-driven plot, this origin story may arguably be one of the best Marvel movies.     Black Panther had a lot on its shoulders. The stellar ensemble cast comprising of people Continue Reading

La Loi de la Jungle(Struggle for Life) [2016] Review : Don’t take your internships too seriously

There are sometimes in life where you just need a film to work as a stress buster for you. Something that does not play with your brain a lot or with deep social commentary. Sometimes you just need a film which is dumb and brainless to have some change of Continue Reading

Counterpart S01E04 “Both Sides Now” Review — Switching Things Up

I wrote last week as to how S01E03 showed languish in narrative development almost all through the episode, slowly but surely knitting together pieces, only to turn up the heat towards the very end with a quick succession of events that get things back on track and promise exciting days ahead. Continue Reading

Darkest Hour (2017) Review : Gary Oldman shines in a well made period drama

Joe Wright’s Darkest Hour works as a perfect companion to Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. So much so, that ever since I saw the film, I want a combined version of Darkest Hour and Dunkirk with footage from both films placed perfectly to go with each other. I don’t know about you, Continue Reading

Counterpart S01E03 “The Lost Art of Diplomacy” Review — Raising The Stakes

Episode 3 of Counterpart builds from where the last episode left off as our characters find themselves in a very tricky situation due to Baldwin, a ‘crosser’, being arrested by the local police. Awkward confrontations arise on all sides as the governments of the two worlds try to strike a Continue Reading

The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) – A botched attempt to recreate the greatness of its predecessor

When the 2008 sleeper hit ‘Cloverfield‘ first hit theatres, the film found its footing and grew exponentially, catapulting its director Matt Reeves to the elites.  He would soon go on to direct the Vampire romance ‘Let Me In’ and two of the best entries in the ‘Planet of the Apes’ Continue Reading